Thursday, March 14, 2013


Some days, much like walking down Dr. Seuss's Mulberry Street, there's nothing new under the TriMet fluorescents.  Today was like that.  On the morning commute, it was one "yet another" after another.

I took note of yet another:
  • foreign-born individual watching a news show on a phone in a language I didn't recognize.
  • woman dressed like she's going to a folk festival (electric blue and white sneakers, turquoise knee socks, a multi-colored peasant dress, pure white jacket and straw fedora.
  • teenager sucking down a 20 oz. Starbuck's -- maybe a mocha, judging from the whipped cream on his chin.
  • music fan bopping so hard to the sounds in his earbuds he takes up a seat-and-a-half.
  • woman well over six feet tall.
  • woman tweezing her eyebrows.*
  • rider looking at me as if I were an alien, ghost, zombie or long-lost twin.
  • rider I've seen whose blank demeanor never changes.  Today, for the first time, he seems to notice his surroundings. 

  And yet another picturesque crossing of the Steel Bridge -
  overcast, lights twinkling, shadows drifting in the river.
  • unfortunate smoker standing outside a building, looking every bit as cool as he hoped he'd look back when he tried his first cigarette.
  • week-old beard.
  • black jacket.
  • rider wearing a picture I.D.proudly hung around her neck like an Olympic medal.
  • old man holding a hand-carved staff topped by a (carved) owl, and wearing a bowling shirt.
  • 400-lb. individual overflowing from a wheelchair.
  • bike rider who could have bought a car for the amount of money that went into the bike, accessories and clothing.
  • guy from Intel (I.D. hung around his neck) playing on a laptop, apparently able to connect to the Internet in the middle of the Sunset tunnel (?)
  • woman doing her best to look like a teenage boy.
And finally, yet another blog post posted. 

* Rouge, eye shadow and lips followed.  She finished with a lip smack, a cosmetic kit clack and a mask of satisfaction.

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